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Gabriele Taviani

Co-Founder & CEO

Financial Need € 400k

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After the pitch, you can talk to the CEO in a dedicated Q&A session.

Startup details


Digital Ads investments represent one of the main spending for any e-commerce budget. The main challenge to maximize ROI is to estimate the return on every channel, precisely assigning the cost and revenue to every touch that contributes to a sale.


Slymetrix is ​​a cloud-based online data management platform. Using an innovative Multi-Touch Attribution method, Slymetrix relates revenue to investments in digital media channels, allowing an optimization of ROI up to 30%. 

Business Model

Today Digital Agencies use Slymetrix as a SaaS tool for the management of e-commerce Ads campaigns, paying a yearly subscription. Additionally, they pay a fee on each module of the platform they implement. 


Digital Ad spending is worth a $332B total for 2020. While the total spending on Ads is decreasing, digital Ads will still grow with an estimated CAGR of 10.3%. Increasing ROI and attribution strategies has become crucial for brands and agencies, which aspire to provide  handier tools for direct e-commerce use.


The most established competitors are all the Ads data analytics solutions providers on one side and, on the other, all data management platforms, primarily designed to serve Ads purpose.

Competitive Advantage

Slymetrix offers both data analytics and data management, merging them in a single and modular platform. The complex backend structure allows to better allocate the budget spent on multi-channel ads.​    |    Tel: +39 06 4547 3124

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